How to prepare your house for sale

Prepare Zimbabwe home for sale

How to prepare your house for sale

Your real estate agent will guide you on how to improve your home’s presentation and appearance before selling it since he knows buyers’ expectations in your particular market. With the market today being mostly a buyer’s market, most buyers are very choosy since there are more properties on the market. Buyers are looking for the best from a wide range of properties available for sale. Below are 10 tips that can help your property to attract potential buyers.

1. Make your house visible to buyers. Your house should be more visible to buyers by keeping the entrance clean with well-trimmed lawn and pruned hedge. Clear any debris and clutter from outside, the walkway and yard. Fix any broken exterior items as these gives a bad first impression to the potential buyer. The yard and the exterior appearance of the house are the major selling points of a house.

  1. Keep the house clean. Deep cleaning can win points with the potential buyers. Clean the whole house and every corner, tidy each room, including cabinets, closets and the garage because buyer scrutinizes houses, give particular attention to kitchen and bathroom. Clean rugs and carpets to eliminate unsightly stains and eliminate odours
  2. Start packing. Cramped and cluttered rooms turn buyers off and make your house look smaller. Start by storing away excess furniture, toys and personal decorations, such as family photos. Pack up things you don’t use on a daily basis, and put them in storage.
  3. Fresh Coat of Paint. Put a fresh coat of paint to give your house a new and superb appearance and always keep the paint colours neutral such as white, cream and grey. A fresh coat of paint to cabinets, window and door frames, doors and ceilings goes a long way in making the house more attractive to the potential buyers.
  4. Fix the minor stuff. In a buyer’s market you can lose a potential buyer by not fixing minor defects that does not cost much to replace and repair. Leaking roof are a big discouragement to potential buyer it might be a small leak but buyer will assume that they might be a problem with the roof.  Replace broken windows and fix any leaking taps. Make sure all plumping works at the house are in good working order. Remove and replace any outdated items in the house that are visible to the buyer.
  5. Improve Lighting. After repainting your house replace decorative light fixtures that no longer fit your home’s cleaner, fresher look. Install new bulbs with the appropriate lighting for specific areas of your home. You can also rearrange your furniture so that there is more natural light coming into the house. Make sure all outdoor lights are working including security lights.
  6. Window Blinds. Right window blinds, will enhance natural brightness and boost the appearance of a house. Window blinds also can impact a room’s temperature because they reduce or increase the amount of light and air entering the space. Adjust window blinds appropriately when showing your home in the mornings, afternoon and evenings.
  7. Flowers. Fresh, decorative flowers in the kitchen or on the dining room table always adds a delightful and nice touch to the house.
  8. Hide unsightly everyday items. Keep your all your rooms tidy and place your dirty laundry and kitchen sponges away from the sight of the potential buyer. Don’t leave children’s toys and pet belongings out in the open.
  9. And the garden. Keep your garden clean and remove all unwanted items that have been piling. Put some new flower pots and other plant to give it a fresh look and keep the landscaping neat.

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