Behind the Real Estate Curtain!

Does the Real Estate Industry seem like one of those things no one really knows about? Whilst there is some publicity and “reality” tv shows that claim to show what really goes on, Real Estate is still a mostly unknown topic for the general public.


Real Estate is a fast-paced, fantastic, client-based industry that requires all parties involved to work hard and move quickly. When a Real Estate Agency is trying to sell your property or sell you a property, there is so much more going on behind the scenes that you won’t see.


Listing a property is a multi-day task that takes an astounding amount of teamwork. From the Property Negotiators that source the properties, to the administration loading properties onto their website, not to mention the photographers and graphic designers responsible for the fantastic photos on the listing! All of that is simply for getting the listing up.


Then comes the part of the process when a potential buyer or tenant contacts the Real Estate Agents. This is where the real fun begins. From viewings with more people than you could imagine to the paperwork and processing that takes place. A dutiful Real Estate Agency will run thorough background checks on any potential tenants or buyers. This is a lengthy and tiresome task, but one that is of the utmost importance. This ensures the tenants are going to be well suited to the property as well as for a vast array of security reasons.


That is the short process. When you ask a Real Estate Agent to hunt the property of your dreams for you the process becomes far more lengthy and involved. The Real Estate Agents will spend weeks and sometimes even months trying to find a property. A property that will be perfectly suited to your wish list. Whether that be geographical, budget-based or simply the type of property you are looking for. The Real Estate Agents will search through property after property, only showing you the absolute best ones. They will take the time to talk to you and make sure they understand what it is exactly you’re looking for. 


Once you have made the incredible decision to put an offer on a property, there is even more leg work and late nights to be handled by the Real Estate Agents. There are lease agreements when renting. These may often be tweaked upwards of ten times before the owner of the property is happy with the agreement, only then is it shown to the potential tenants. The tenants may then request changes and the entire process begins again! 


As lengthy as the renting process may be, it is nothing compared to the processes of a sale. Lawyers, clients, owners and Real Estate Agents are all involved, and it can get messy if the protocol is not followed. Your Real Estate Agent will be the middleman, ensuring that your life is as easy as possible, whilst trying to get you into your dream home as soon as possible. The Real Estate Agent will hold your hand through the entire process and ensure you are as comfortable as possible with each progressing step.


Only once the sale or rental has gone through do the Real Estate Agents celebrate their work and that of their team. Real Estate is hard for everyone involved, but for the Agents who love their jobs, they find the challenge exciting and can’t wait to get up every day and repeat the gruelling processes again, despite the fact that they do not earn a steady income and can go weeks and months without any commission at all. So if you know someone involved in Real Estate, salute them. They deserve it!


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